Hip Surgery

Jackson is scheduled to have hip surgery tomorrow. Because he doesn’t walk, his hips came out of socket, which can cause chronic pain. The surgery is a seven hour procedure, he will remain in the hospital for about a week (mainly for pain management), and he will be in a cast a cast for six weeks.

This surgery was originally scheduled for July but we had to reschedule due to respiratory issues. Since July, Jackson has had the four main salivary glands in his mouth removed and had a notch in his airway repaired. Both procedures have helped improve his health. Jackson has been smiling and cooing a lot because he’s feeling better.

Jackson’s surgeries have unfortunately become a two-step process. The first step is when we get to the hospital and the anesthesiologist determines if he’s healthy enough to have surgery. The second step is the actual surgery. It adds an extra layer of stress not knowing if he will be cleared for a surgery that we have been worrying about for months.

We appreciate positive vibes and prayers for a successful surgery. We will try to update you after we find out what’s going to happen tomorrow.


4 responses to “Hip Surgery

  1. Tell Jackson that his friends at Primary South miss him and hope this surgery goes smoothly for him. Jackson and your family have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.
    ❤️ Julianne Smith

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