2018 needs to slow its roll!

Less than three months into the new year and we have had three in patient stays and three trips to the ER! Two trips to the ER resulted in hospital stays. Our littlest man spent one night at the hospital for a reason you will never guess.

In Patient Stay No. 1

On January 16, Jackson had his g tube surgery, which was pretty much uneventful and how all parents want their kids’ surgeries to go. Jackson spent one night in the hospital and we went home the next day. His g tube is healing nicely.

I discovered you can literally buy anything on the internet. The g tube needs a barrier between it and the skin. You can use gauze pads or you can buy cute handmade g tube covers on Etsy. So, we obviously got Jackson cute g tube covers.

ER Trip No. 1 & In Patient Stay No. 2

About three weeks ago, I was home alone with the boys. I was a little sleep deprived and stressed as Jackson had just gotten over a fever and had been terribly upset for two days. When your child can’t talk, it’s hard to figure out what’s wrong. I had just made one of his anti-seizure meds (I mixed powder packets with water and put it in a bottle with a lid), when I got a phone call. I put the medicine on the kitchen counter and answered the phone. When the call ended I couldn’t find the medicine. I frantically searched the kitchen and eventually saw the empty medicine bottle in the sink. I grabbed the bottle and went up to Luca and said, “Did you drink this?!?” He said yes, which led to a call to poison control, a trip to the ER and an overnight stay for observation right in the middle of flu season. I told Luca we were at the hospital hotel. He had a great time eating all the hospital snacks and making the head of the bed go up and down.

We do not know how much medicine he actually drank verses poured out but Luca suffered no ill effects and was discharged the next morning.

ER Trip No. 2 & In Patient Stay No. 3

About two weeks ago, Jackson came down with a cold. He was fine until he wasn’t. We spot checked him with the pulse ox throughout the day and he did not need oxygen. However, his oxygen dipped when we put him to bed and within 30 minutes he went from not needing any oxygen to requiring more than one liter. Because we can only give him up to one liter at home and he needed more, we called a squad to take Jackson to the ER. He was diagnosed with rhinovirus (the common cold) and bacterial pneumonia. He was admitted to the PICU and had a little seizure scare the next day. However, by some miracle, he quickly weened down to less than a liter of oxygen and he was discharged in just under 48 hours.

ER Trip No. 3

One thing I didn’t know about g tubes until after Jackson’s surgery is that they can fall out. While in the hospital for the g tube surgery, we were given a 10 French tube (10 French refers to the diameter of the tube) and told, “If the g tube falls out, take this tube, put it through the g tube hole and bring Jackson to the ER so we can put in a new g tube.” My immediate reaction was, “You want me to shove a tube through the hole in my son’s stomach?!? WTF?!?”

Well, his g tube fell out today and we all freaked out. Nonetheless, we were able to place the 10 French tube in his stomach to keep the hole from closing and we went to the ER so the docs could place a new g tube.

It is surprisingly easy to put in a new g tube. I’m very glad I saw the doctor put it in because I realized that it is easy and I can do it at home if it happens again.

We’ve had a crazy start to 2018 and I would like to stop getting to know the hospital staff. I hope things start to calm down and we are able to stay out of the ER. I would like to sleep in my own bed for a few consecutive weeks, if not longer.


2 responses to “2018 needs to slow its roll!

  1. My life is so simple compared with yours. You two do a marvelous job with your boys. Never a dull moment. Thanks for the update and for the pictures. Love them. Aunt Jane

  2. I agree with your wish. I hope it happens for you. You do a tremendous job. Try to take care of yourself through the chaos. ((HUGS))

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