Jackson had surgery this morning and it went well. He had two scopes put down his throat to look at his airway and his lungs and a surgeon placed a g tube in his tummy.

The scopes revealed that he is aspirating and something in his airway (I forget the name) has a deep groove in it, which may allow food and liquids into his airway. The recommendations are (1) to stop feeding by mouth and only use the g tube for now and (2) have another surgery to fix the groove, which may help close up a gap so that food and liquids don’t get into his airway.

Jackson was upset/ in pain after surgery but received pain meds and is now sleeping peacefully. His tummy gets to rest today and we will begin using the g tube tomorrow.

Overall, everything went well. However, it’s a little disheartening to learn that he’s been aspirating more than we thought; but I have to remember that we are doing these things to keep him healthy.

Pre-op belly pic:


8 responses to “Surgery

  1. God bless that little boy! What a warrior! Have to prep him for ravs and meatballs, God willing. Prayers and all good things to you guys.

  2. We are so thankful that Jackson’s surgery went well. These are adorable pictures. You guys are amazing people! Take care. Love you. Aunt Jane & Uncle George

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