Musically inclined?

Jackson has been a little under the weather this week. So we’ve spent the week in the house with intermittent trips out for the Bazooka (It’s best if Luca is out of the house when Jackson is sick). Jackson has needed oxygen on and off since Wednesday. We took him to the doctor yesterday and came home with a nebulizer (a machine that blows oxygen into a canister with albuterol in it. Jackson breathes in the albuterol. It’s like an inhaler on steroids.). It does wonders for Jackson.

The machine is quite cute. The only problem is my three year old thinks it’s a toy and he wants to play with it.

Jackson gets these treatments when he’s in the hospital and we’ll be able to give them to him at home now. It’s especially helpful when he’s wheezing.

Other than trying to get him better before Christmas, Jackson’s g tube surgery is scheduled for January 16, assuming he’s healthy, and we’ve been rocking out.


One response to “Musically inclined?

  1. Josh thanks for sharing the link to this blog. Jackson is blessed to have such strong parents, family and friend base. As you say in one of your posts, “it takes a village”. I hope the village has a Merry Christmas.

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