We did it

We did it. We made it to our vacation. Jackson’s been sick since the end of August. He spend some time in the hospital before Labor Day and caught a cold after being discharged. He went to school one day in September. During the two weeks before we left he was on oxygen almost every night and most days. We packed the van the evening before we were scheduled to leave and made the final decision to go hours before we pulled out of the driveway. 

Friday evening we drove halfway to Myrtle Beach and hauled all of Jackson’s medical equipment into our hotel room for the night. 

Above is Jackson in the hotel room hooked up to his pulse ox machine and getting extra oxygen. The suction machine is on the night stand; we use it to suck mucous out of his mouth and nose because he can’t clear it himself.

We made it to our destination on Saturday and had a great trip. Jackson got better and we were able to take him to the beach and the pool. 

Most importantly, today is Jackson’s sixth birthday!


5 responses to “We did it

  1. So happy for you and your vacation! Happy Happy Birthday to Jackson, and Luca must be in heaven….a bulldozer on the beach-what could be better?? Have a wonderful time, you deserve it!

  2. What a great trip for you and your family and quite the birthday celebration for Jackson. Everyone looks very happy.

  3. So good to see you and be with you. You are a neat family and we love you lots. Aunt Jane and Uncle George.

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