“Exciting” start to the school year

Jackson graduated from the Perlman Center at Cincinnati Children’s a few weeks ago, where he has been going twice a week for five years. He graduated because he is now old enough to attend kindergarten. 

On his first day at Perlman, he was the only kid who would not sit in his parent’s lap. He cried every time I tried to sit him in my lap so I had to lay him on his back on the ground in front of me. Over the past five years, he’s learned how to play with toys, nod yes or no, made friends in his classes and he now happily sits in my lap and cuddles with me. 

Jackson started kindergarten through the Winton Woods School District the week after Perlman graduation. He is in a special needs classroom and gets OT, PT, speech and vision therapies while at school. 

School is great except for the germs. At the end of his third week, Jackson became a little junky and came down with a virus. Last weekend, he had increased secretions (medical term for lots of phlegm). He was fine until 7:30 pm last Saturday when, within an hour, he went from needing no oxygen to requiring more than one liter. We only have up to one liter of oxygen at home. He was de-sating (i.e. His oxygen level was going below 90%) at one liter so we called 911 and took a squad to the hospital. He spent three nights in the PICU and we are still in patient but in a regular room. This is day eight in the hospital.

As this is our fourth hospital stay this year, we are catching up with all of our “friends” (the doctors and staff at the hospital). It’s disheartening as a parent to get to know many of the hospital staff. 

If you can call this a positive, I’ve got my 4.2 mile running route back around the hospital and I’ve learned how to play “In the Summertime” by Mungo Jerry and “Lava You” on the ukulele. Jackson and I rock out when he’s in patient. I stop playing when either (1) he starts crying or (2) a medical professional walks in the room. 

Jackson is much better than he was a week ago. We will hopefully be heading home tomorrow or Monday. 

After a week in patient, Josh and I took Luca to the Aquarium while our family watched Jackson at the hospital

Me showing off my skills at the hospital

Perlman Graduation


5 responses to ““Exciting” start to the school year

  1. Wow!! Jackson, happy graduation!! Welcome to Kindergarten and hopefully you have some good antibodies against the new germs your classmates have. However, new classmates!! Yippie!! I hope you are out of the hospital soon. Tell Mamma that learning to play the ukulele will make a great show and tell feature for the whole Kindergarten class
    She will love it!! Best wishes, my friend!! Raphaela

  2. Wow, you’ve had so much going on! Yay for the 4.2 mile runs, but so sorry to hear they are around Childrens…I’ll be praying you are able to get home to work on the pull-ups and headstands SOON!

  3. School for kids at this age is just another name for “petri dish” :-0. Praying that Jackson is better soon! ❤

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