All duded up

The Vanzants have a phrase called “all duded up.” It usually refers to when someone is all dressed up but I use it to refer to Jackson when he’s rocking all of his gear. 

In the video below, Jackson is all duded up. He’s  in his stander and his switch (green button) is screwed into a universal mount, which is attached to the tray of the stander. The switch is hooked into a switch interface, which is plugged into the USB drive of the laptop. Whenever he hits the switch, it reads from a new power point slide. The power point is a book, which his therapists made into a power point presentation so that kids like Jackson can read. Each power point slide is a page from a book with someone reading the words on the page. 


4 responses to “All duded up

  1. Love seeing his progress it is remarkable strides in it been made to help children go Jackson

  2. Thanks for sharing and enjoy seeing all of you when I can, prayers of hope and continued successes. Love to Gina and Mario and of course you and your family

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