A concert and a new van

Jackson finally made it to a Lollipops concert performed by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra! My mother-in-law gave us tickets to the February concert but Jackson got really sick the day before and I stayed home with him while Josh, his parents and Luca enjoyed the concert. Jackson got so sick that I took him to the pediatrician while everyone was at the concert. The pediatrician sent us straight to the ER because he had pneumonia and he ended up being inpatient for seven days. Jackson was at home when Josh left for the concert and in the trauma bay of the ER when Josh got out of the concert. The concert this weekend went much smoother. We got to go as a family and everyone enjoyed the show. 

We also purchased a handicap accessible van a few weeks ago from MC Mobility. The van is great and makes it easier to transport Jackson. We no longer have to take the wheelchair apart and put it back together every time we go somewhere. With our new vehicle, we wheel Jackson up the ramp into the middle of the van, strap him down, and go.

Everything was going great with the van until I took the kids by myself to a store last week. When I slid the door open to get the ramp out THE TOP HINGE OF THE DOOR CAME OFF!!! I was literally holding the sliding door up with my own two hands. I couldn’t let the door go because it would fall and break the middle and bottom hinges. Both kids were thankfully locked in their seats and could not get out (we were parked next to a busy street; lots of cars were driving by and Luca tends to run around like crazy).

I had no idea what to do. I called Josh and he told me to call AAA, who was no help. After my failed call to AAA, I was able to kind of slide the door closed. The middle and bottom hinges were able to lock in place and stabilize the door but I couldn’t drive it because there was a sizable gap between the door and the rest of the van. This is the gap:

Still freaking out and wondering how the heck we were going to get home, I somehow thought to call MC Mobility. I explained the situation and they said, “We’re sending a tech out to you right now to fix this. What color is the van?” I told them the van is blue and when they asked if there were other identifying features I told them that my van would be the one with the disabled kid locked inside. The MC Mobility tech got there quickly and fixed the door in a few minutes. 

Here is your bit of trivia for the day: Every sliding van door has stoppers so the door doesn’t fly off the hinges. However, they take the stoppers off of a door for a handicap ramp so the door can open wider so the ramp can slide out. Because there aren’t any stoppers, the doors slide off the hinges every once and a while. I’ve been assured this is a very rare occurrence and they fixed my van so that the door stays on. Regardless of the stopper issue, I told the tech I had been working out and my brute strength caused the hinge to come off.


4 responses to “A concert and a new van

  1. Santina, your post made me smile, and smart! If I’m ever in a fight, I want you on my side ;-). I’m glad they figured out the door problem… Maybe you should pull back a little bit on the workout. I loved seeing . I love seeing the boys pictures, and the “plumber” picture was my favorite 😂

    • It was supposed to say “snort,” not “smart. ” Nothing has actually made me smarter today 😉

  2. What adorable pictures! I am so glad you have a van! You surely need one to “easily” transport the guys. Santina, you are a brave lady to tackle the hinge situation! Your guys look great. Jackson has really grown. We didn’t get to see him in April so it has been a couple of years since we saw him. He looks GREAT. I love the Bengal tiger face on Luca! What a guy. Thanks so much for the update. Love you. Aunt Jane and Uncle George.

  3. Rocky start to the summer but it looks like fun now. Congratulations on the van. The boys look like they are having a great summer. HUGS Misty

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