And we’re back

I’m going to start a new website for stressed out parents. It’ll be similar to Go Fund Me but mine will be called Go Wine Me. Instead of donating money, friends and family will donate wine, which stressed out parents will then drink to help calm their nerves. 

This week has been a little too much. After being discharged on Friday, Jackson couldn’t keep much down and I brought him to the ER for IV fluids on Easter Sunday. Monday and Tuesday he seemed to get slightly better but his oxygen requirements increased on Wednesday and he basically stopped sleeping. Thursday morning he became unresponsive after two seizures and his oxygen saturation level dropped to the high 70s/low 80s (This is bad. It should be above 90). So, I called 911 and started dropping F bombs to the operator. To say I was not calm under pressure would be an understatement. 

An ambulance and a fire truck came to the house. Luca was so excited when the fire truck showed up at his house. He loves fire trucks. 

Jackson was admitted and we spent a sleepless night on the neurology floor. Throughout the night, he had several seizures, which prompted a dose of Ativan, and his oxygen requirement went from three liters to 15. 

We are now in the PICU so that Jackson can get more frequent respiratory care. He’s down to two liters of oxygen and he finally fell asleep this afternoon. 

If we can get him sleeping more he should feel better and seize less. If he has a good night, they will start to give him pediasure through an ng tube, which they put in yesterday. The ng tube is temporary. He has so much mucous and his stomach has been so upset that he hasn’t eaten much over the past two weeks. 

We have a plan to get him better and he’s where he needs to be to get well. In the meantime, I’m accepting donations to my Go Wine Me fund. 


7 responses to “And we’re back

  1. Uncle Joe and I are sending good thoughts and warm fuzzies to all of you. We love you, and want you to know we are with you in spirit. Give Jackson kisses for us.

  2. Girl if we still lives in Cincinnati, I’d be delivering you a case of wine!! You are an awesome mama. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers 😊

  3. Sending you lots of ((HUGS)) and prayers. I can bring you wine. Chocolate goes good with it too.

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