An unfortunately eventful trip

On Monday, Josh and I got back from one of the most spectacular places on Earth and immediately rushed to the hospital. We go out of town without our kids once a year and this year’s trip was too eventful. For months we’d planned a three night trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona. 

Everything was great until the Tuesday before our trip when Luca, the Bazooka, came down with a really high fever and a nasty cough. Josh and I immediately thought, “F*@k! Jackson’s going to get sick and we’re going to have to cancel our trip.” The day we left, Jackson did get sick but his care was manageable at home so we decided to get on the plane and fly across the country. 

We hiked in the Grand Canyon on Friday and Saturday and made our way to Sedona on Sunday. We were preparing for a fancy dinner when my mom called and told us Jackson didn’t look well and she was taking him to the ER. Instead of going to happy hour, we unsuccessfully looked for early flights home. We made it to dinner and were almost done eating when my mom texted to let us know Jackson was on three liters of oxygen, had pneumonia in both lungs, and they were waiting for an in-patient room. I immediately started crying and had to leave the restaurant to compose myself. Long story short, we flew home in the next morning and drove straight to the hospital. 

Jackson is doing much better and we hope to go home before Easter. We’ve spent the past few days watching the Great British Baking Show and playing the ukulele when he’s not agitated (it’s not my playing). Today was his best day. He was awake, alert and off oxygen most of the day. We may have been sent home today but the antibiotics are upsetting his stomach so much that he’s refusing to eat and, thus, must stay on IV fluids. 

Josh and I learned to not get on the plane if Jackson isn’t well because we never know how it’s going to turn out. And that sums up our eventful trip. 


6 responses to “An unfortunately eventful trip

  1. I’m glad you made it back home safely to be with your boy–how terrifying and exhausting that must have been! Lots of love to your beautiful family!

  2. Hey guys…love the pics…sorry to hear about the trip and the boys being sick….hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  3. So sorry you had to cut your trip short. We surely hope Jackson is responding to treatment. We hope to see you next weekend. We are leaving here on the 20th in the p.m. Love you much. Aunt Jane and Uncle George.

  4. So sorry that you had this scare, and that Jackson was sick, hoping he is better now. We love and are sending good thoughts and prayers. We wish nothing but the best for all of you. Your trip looks amazing. Aunt Pam and Uncle Joe.

  5. I am hoping that all of you are home together now and that Jackson is on the mend. Your pictures are lovely; thanks for sharing.

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