Jackson is 5!

Jackson turned 5 on October 1. With each birthday, I like to reflect on the past year.

Bad news first: it was Jackson’s sickest year. We had numerous visits to the pediatrician, a few trips to the ER with one of those trips via ambulance. We dealt with colds, fevers, puking, and pneumonia. We acquainted ourselves with an albuterol inhaler, which we now give to him every time he’s congested. Some people call this a breathing treatment but that sounds depressing; so I just call it his inhaler.

Jackson eats more normal food than he ever has. Jackson’s main source of calories is pediasure. However, I love to incorporate regular, non-processed foods into his diet. To accomplish this I gifted my parents a Magic Bullet in hopes they would start making and blending food for him and it worked!!! Every few weeks my parents make a big pot of stew, which usually contains some type of meat, lots of veggies, and beans. After it’s cooked, they blend it in the Magic Bullet and put it in small containers, which we freeze and defrost as needed.

Jackson is more aware of his surroundings. This may seem insignificant but I cannot explain how awesome this is. Jackson knows if someone is on his left, right, or above him and he will turn his head according to where people are around him. For example, if Jackson is laying on the couch and Luca sits down behind Jackson’s head, Jackson will arch his back and stare backwards to look at his brother.

Jackson is getting better at using an eye gaze communication device. This is a specialized tablet that can sense what image on the tablet his eyes are looking at. For example, a painting app may be open on the tablet and Jackson can pick what colors he wants to paint with using his eyes. His therapists have also told us he is able to use the eye gaze communication device to inform them that he is “all done” and wants to “go home.”

We look forward to the upcoming year and hope for a happy, healthy Jackson.




This was just after Jackson was blessed by an Italian priest. We take every opportunity to have him blessed.


Virtual reality


3 responses to “Jackson is 5!

  1. Wow. 5 years old….where does the time go. The tablet is so awesome. I hope he will get a lot of use out of it. It is amazing what computers can do now. I thought that was just in the movies.

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