Summer 2016

If you’re friends with us on social media, you know that June and July were rough for us. Jackson started to get sick at the beginning of June. He wasn’t quite himself at his music recital at the beginning of June. The week before 4th of July he came down with a very high fever, which somehow turned into pneumonia. We made out first trip to the ER and trauma bay due to the pneumonia and low oxygen levels. Luckily, we were sent home and did not have to spend any nights in the hospital. After a few days with pneumonia, Jackson came down with a stomach bug and threw up for seven straight days. He lost 10% of his body weight and we went to the ER twice for IV fluids. As he was getting better, he had a few days of insomnia. Then he got better, gained the weight back and we were all relieved.

Everything was great and we were preparing for our annual family beach vacation when Jackson came down with a cold and sore throat the week before we were to leave. Josh and I prayed everyday that he would get better while discussing sending Luca with his grandparents and having a stay-cation in Cincinnati with Jackson. If I had to miss the beach, my stay-cation was going to include lots of alcohol. Luckily, Jackson got better and we were off to Destin, FL with all of our medical supplies and list of nearby providers: pediatricians, urgent care, and children’s hospital. 

This week has been great. Knock on wood, everyone is health and happy. On our first family vacation, Jackson threw up and started running a fever at the Kentucky Tennessee border on the way home. On the second beach vacation, Jackson was a little out of sorts on the last day as well as the ride home. 

We learned a lot from the first two vacations, the main lesson being not to overtire Jackson. He was limited to one activity per day, which was usually the pool. He didn’t go out to dinner, he stayed away from loud venues, and we tried to keep him on his normal schedule. 

My dad made this little gem for Jackson and… It floats!


i told everyone to let go so i could take a picture of Jackson floating by himself. If you look, you will see everyone diligently looking at the float and waiting to get their hands back on it.

Luca, on the other hand, was not limited in his activities. He had the best week ever. 

While I wish things were different and Jackson could participate in everything, I’m glad he gets to come and enjoy vacation with his whole family.



Selfie taken minutes before our sunrise paddle board/kayak ocean adventure.



3 responses to “Summer 2016

  1. So glad you had a good trip. We were so sorry we couldn’t join you. We were filling in on Meals on Wheels for the man who took our route when we were gone. Can’t do everything. The pictures look great.

    Love you. Aunt Jane and George Haines

  2. Looked like a great vacation and it was wonderful to have your back up team with you. Sorry I missed the week with you all. Glad all went well. Elaine

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