It has been a crazy two months. I am glad spring is here and flu and cold season is gone. Jackson was sick for about five weeks. He had a cold, which turned into pneumonia. The doctor put him on antibiotics and we were able to take care of him at home and avoid a hospital admission. He recovered from the pneumonia and then got a cold. He got better from the cold then caught a stomach bug right before his parents upcoming trip to Napa. He threw up seven out of eight days before we left. Josh and I looked at him every day and said, “Please get better before we leave.” We even talked about canceling the trip if he didn’t get better. Jackson thankfully stopped throwing up the day before we left and Josh and I were able to get some much needed R&R.

We gave Jackson an enema the day we got back (He has trouble going and this has become a weekly occurrence at our house). During the poop process Josh said, “Just think, 24 hours ago we were eating dinner at a fancy French restaurant in Napa valley and now we’re digging poo out of our son’s butt. Both are fulfilling experiences in their own way.”  In the true spirit of over-disclosure, Jackson has now gone number two on his own the past four days!!! Per a Facebook recommendation from another lissencephaly mom, we’ve been giving Jackson coconut water (The mom recommends organic coconut water from baby coconuts. Who knew they made that? We’ve been giving him whatever coconut water we can find at the grocery store.). I’ve also been making him smoothies with berries, lettuce or whatever green leafy vegetable is in the house, coconut water, locally grown honey, and Miralax. Something is working so we’ll stick with all of it for now.

Luca recently started an awesome toddler class at the Cincinnati Zoo. Because Luca doesn’t go to daycare, we try to get him in different activities where he’s around other kids his age. We bring Jackson to the zoo class too. The teacher is high energy and great with the children. She also includes Jackson in the animal encounters so, obviously, I love her!

At music therapy this Saturday, I found out that Jackson is going to be in a music recital!!!! I didn’t know what to think at first but I am really excited now. Jackson is going to play the maraca in two group songs at the Cincinnati Association for the Blind’s June 4 music recital!!! We are busy practicing the maraca. Our goal is for him to intentionally shake it a few times during the two songs.  Even if he doesn’t we will still be grateful for the event.  It is certain to be uber adorable, just like Jackson.


Dutch Henry Winery


The Farm at Carneros Inn


Heitz Winery


Saint Supery


Twenty Rows Tasting Room


Corison Winery




Saint Supery



2 responses to “Updates

  1. I LOVE that you and Josh got to go on your trip! So glad the boys are doing great. I think of your family often. God Bless! and Happy pooping 💩

  2. Thanks for sharing your latest stories about the boys. It’s always good to hear what is going on with them. It’s exciting that Jackson will be making his first musical debut. I love Napa and we have been there twice, the latest was last June. I saw you were at Chandon, which is one of our favorites – fantastic sparking wines. The area is simply beautiful and many wonderful restaurants to try. You are always in my thoughts.

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