180 degrees

I never imagined my life would be as crazy as it is. It’s gotten even crazier now that I have a special needs child and a typical kid. Our parenting experiences go from one extreme to the other. Let me give you an example.

A few months ago, a dog bit Luca in the face and I took him to the ER. After being seen by triage, we waited….and waited…and waited to be seen by a doctor. I sat in the waiting room for almost two hours while my little guy went up to everyone (sick and healthy), climbed on anything he could reach, and grabbed strangers’ smart phones. When we were finally seen, Luca was briefly examined, the doctor said he was fine, and we went home.

This Wednesday, Jackson took a trip to the ER because he was having trouble breathing. He was already at the hospital at therapy with his grandpa. I got a call at work from the therapist that Jackson was going to the ER. I rushed to my car and drove to the hospital. When I got there Jackson was in the trauma bay! About ten medical professionals were working on him. He had an IV and many different monitors on. Jackson was crying and distressed from all the poking and prodding. His oxygen levels were fine, his chest x-ray came back clear, and the ENT didn’t see anything on the nasal scope down his throat. However, Jackson was almost admitted when his oxygen levels dropped during a short nap. Luckily for us, he took another nap and his oxygen levels remained above 90 so we were able to go home after eight hours in the ER.

Jackson got a little sicker after the ER incident but he is doing much better today (Sunday). He developed a touch of pneumonia and is on antibiotics to fight the pneumonia and an inhaler to help with his breathing.

So, my typical child and my special needs child are very different to say the least. Our parenting experiences are wide and varied.

On a different note, we haven’t updated the blog for awhile because we’ve been busy! Around Christmas, Jackson started having more seizures. At the direction of his neurologist, we increased his current meds and just this week added a third (yes, a third) anti-seizure drug.

Jackson now goes to music therapy at the Cincinnati Association for the Blind three times a month on Saturdays. He loves music. Because Josh and I work full time, we rely on his grandparents to take him to all of his therapy appointments. Because music therapy is on Saturdays, we can take him, which I really enjoy.

In December, my dad tore his rotator cuff and had surgery the next week. Due to the injury, he cannot lift the boys or the wheelchair. He was taking Jackson to preschool but had to stop so we put Jackson on the school bus! We were so nervous but the school bus has been wonderful. It comes right to our house to get him and drop him off. My dad offered to follow the school bus to and from preschool and we said, yes, of course. So, my dad has gotten to know the school bus driver and the bus aide, who are very friendly and take good care of Jackson.

A few months ago, my lower back started aching. One Saturday, my back went into spasms and I couldn’t lift the kids. I’m pretty sure my lower back problems are caused from lifting Jackson all the time. So, for Christmas, I asked for personal training sessions, which is how I met American Ninja Warrior James (follow him on Instagram @spartan10423). James has been kicking my butt 1-2 times per week for the past two months. We work out before work at 5:30 am! My core is stronger and back feels better. James was on the past two seasons of American Ninja Warrior and, at the end of April, he is going to compete in the upcoming season of ANW.



3 responses to “180 degrees

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures and your life stories. I’m so sorry Jackson is on more seizure medications. Luca is getting so big already. As always, I marvel at your fantastic family and the strength you get from one another. You are always in my prayers.

  2. You are not at a loss for entertainment! You seem to handle all the ups and downs so calmly. The pictures are adorable. All your guys look great. Jackson and Luca are really growing. Do take care. We pray for you daily. Blessings. Aunt Jane and George

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