10 Things You May Not Know About Me

I was inspired to write this from a tag line I saw on The Mighty’s website. So, here are 10 things you may not know about me, in no particular order.

  1. I’ve almost got it together. This is my new life motto because it’s true. Even though the perception from this blog or my posts on social media may portray otherwise, I’ve almost got it together. For example, I can almost get to Mass on time. I usually walk in 5-10 minutes late pushing a small child in a wheelchair and carrying a loud toddler to the front row of my church. Another example is when I take the boys out for a very short trip, one of them poops, and I have no diapers. I’ve almost got it together.
  2. I’m always a little stressed. Even when things are going well and Jackson is healthy, I’m always worried about what’s going to happen next. Is Jackson going to have a seizure today? Is a virus going around? Am I going to get a call that Jackson is in the ER?
  3. I can never get the wheelchair clean enough. The wheelchair gets unimaginably dirty and is very hard to clean because of all its nooks and crannies. The last time Jackson threw up in his wheelchair, my cleaning supplies included disinfecting wipes, toothpicks, and the shop vac.
  4. My heart swells every time I see Luca play with Jackson. The best part of my day is seeing Luca get on top of Jackson, lean over,  say “Ni, ni, ni, ni” in Jackson’s face, and have both boys laugh at each other. I never realized that Jackson and Luca would be friends and love each other.
  5. My husband and I are Jackson’s personal assistants. Each month, Josh and I may make numerous calls to the pediatrician, neurologist,  therapists, etc. Josh makes a monthly calendar of Jackson’s appointments and sends it out to everyone. The parent whose insurance Jackson is on gets to call the insurance company. I peruse the internet for special needs giveaways or contests and have managed to get Jackson a  free refurbished iPad and EazyHold object grips. We’ve also spent countless hours waiting for doctors.
  6. I have problems that you do not have. My recent grocery list was: Vaseline, pediatric enimas, and baby wipes…which leads me to No. 7:
  7. I selfishly think my life is harder than yours.
  8. I don’t have a work/life balance. I work and I spend time with my family. My “balance” comes after my children are asleep when I may meet a girlfriend at a local bar at 9:30 pm to catch up. I call double tasking when I walk on the treadmill from 10-11 pm while watching Netflix. I make phone calls in the car because it’s the best time for me to talk.
  9. I expect people, especially kids, to stare. I never personally knew anyone in a wheelchair until Jackson. It’s different. I know that people are going to look at us and I don’t mind if you ask me questions.
  10. I couldn’t do this without my team. Josh said it much more eloquently that I can, but I couldn’t do all of this without the help and support I get from my family and friends. I love you all and appreciate you much more than you know.


3 responses to “10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. Geo. and I think that you are terrific. We marvel how you manage your life and your family. We pray for you daily. Blessings. Aunt Jane and George

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and comments on your life and getting it together as well as the priceless photos. You are in many people’s thoughts and prayers so if you feel down, just know people care and you matter to others.

  3. Yup, thats why I love you. For the record, your life is really harder most of the time. It actually reminds me of what is really important, like my family and friends.

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