New Experiences

Every experience with Luca is a new experience for us. Jackson and Luca are like yin and yang. They are total opposites. Let me give you an example. In May, Josh and I took Jackson to the emergency room because he had a very high fever and was throwing up. After we checked in, we were whisked back to triage and, from there, immediately placed in a room where Jackson was examined by the doctors and nurses. I’d like to think it was my charming personality that got us back so quickly, but it was really Jackson’s special condition.

This week, Luca had the unfortunate chance of visiting the emergency room. He is perfectly fine but had an incident with a dog where both he and the dog went for some food on the ground at the same time. Luca and I got to the emergency room about 7:45 pm. We waited about 10 minutes before being seen in triage. After a brief check in, we were sent back to the waiting room. By this time, Luca was feeling much better. He was enchanted by the waiting room. There were new noises and so many people to play with. All he wanted to do was run around, jump on every chair, and play with everyone’s cell phones. All I wanted to do was go up to the ER staff and say, “Listen, you got us back right away when I brought my child with lissencephaly. Luca doesn’t have any special conditions, but he is one year old, it’s way past his bed time, he won’t stop running around, and, because he’s one, he doesn’t understand it when I tell him to calm down and sit quietly. So, please, make an exception and take us to see the doctor!”

Luca ER

This is Luca having a good time at the ER and attempting to get on the CCHMC computer.

Another new experience was when we took the boys to Outback Steakhouse and we didn’t have to wait because Jackson was in a wheelchair. At Outback, parties with someone in a wheelchair get to skip to the front of the wait list. When I told my parents this, they responded, “They shouldn’t have sat you first because Jackson’s in a wheelchair. They should have sat you first because you brought a one year old to a restaurant.” So true.

Life with a special needs child is challenging. However, life with a typical child is also challenging. I think I’m trying to tell you that our lives are much crazier than I ever imagined. We’re working hard, trying to keep the stress level to a minimum, and having a great time with our two little guys.

School photo

This is Jackson’s first school photo.


The boys hanging out on a Sunday morning watching cartoons together.



3 responses to “New Experiences

  1. I can’t get over how much Jackson looks like his daddy. Lol What an amazing picture. They did a really good job!!!! He is so precious and such a blessing to have in everyone’s lives. Hope you are all doing well and prayers and happy thoughts from Pittsburgh, pa.

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