Just a normal kid

Ordinary, everyday activities are often extraordinary feats for Jackson. The best, most normal thing happened a few weeks ago. My girlfriend emailed me to tell me that we have a mutual friend who works at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. During her conversation with this woman, her four-year-old daughter said, “my friend Jackson goes to the hospital a lot.” I almost started crying when I read the email. It was the first time someone referred to Jackson as their friend. I can’t explain my feelings over the simple words, “my friend Jackson.” It was awesome.

Another ordinary, extraordinary thing happened last week. Jackson took school photos. It’s something so simple and ordinary; something that every school kid gets to do. But it felt extraordinary that Jackson got to do it.

Finally, a third ordinary, extraordinary thing was my shopping trip with the boys. How do I go out with a one-year-old and a wheelchair-bound almost 4-year-old by myself? The short answer is: I don’t. However, a $30 return and $20 of Kohls’ cash was too good to pass up. So I loaded up the car and we went out. It’s amazing what I’ll do for a good deal.


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