Crazy May

May was crazy. May 1 was a normal day. Josh attended the Kentucky Derby on May 2 and I ran the Cincinnati Flying Pig Half Marathon on May 3. We don’t get out much, so the first few days of May were already adventurous for us.

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Josh, Jackson, and I ended up in the Children’s Hospital ER on May 4. Jackson had a 105 degree fever that wouldn’t break. The fever finally broke and we were home in bed by 4:00 am on May 5. Jackson was sick the remainder of the week and, when he wasn’t better by Friday, May 8, my mom took him to the pediatrician while Josh and I went to work. Around 9:30 that morning, Josh called me to tell me that Jackson and my mom were on their way to Children’s in an ambulance because he oxygen levels were so low that the doctor had to call a squad.

I raced down to the Children’s ER and immediately noticed Jackson’s ride, the Springfield Township ambulance, out front. I rushed into the trauma unit at the ER and saw my son with an oxygen mask over his mouth and nose, IV fluids, and countless monitors all over his body. Oh, and then a pastor showed up. I think it’s routine for a religious person to show up in the trauma unit, but when the focus is on your kid, a pastor is the last thing you want to see.

After much testing, Jackson was diagnosed with viral pneumonia, which caused his oxygen levels to drop. He spent May 8 – May 11, including Mother’s Day, in the PICU, and May 11 – May 14 in a regular room at Children’s. On May 8, Jackson was on 10 liters of high flow oxygen; but, by, May 11, he only needed 1/2 a liter through the nasal cannula while asleep. While Jackson was in the hospital, Luca had a vacation at his grandparents’ house.

Jackson thankfully came home the evening of May 14 after SEVEN days in the hospital! When Jackson was discharged he needed oxygen at night, so a home health company delivered oxygen to us on May 15. The home oxygen freaked us out. When we came home from work on May 15, we walked in to two oxygen tanks, an oxygen compressor, another huge contraption to fill the oxygen tanks, and lots of plastic tubing. We were really down and couldn’t help but think he would never get off oxygen.

Jackson and I saw his pediatrician on Saturday, May 16. The pediatrician told me she couldn’t believe how good Jackson looked, she thought Jackson should have looked a lot worse after reading his chart and that we shouldn’t ween off the oxygen until Monday because the doctor’s office was closed on Sunday. It was music to my ears. I couldn’t wait to tell Josh and our family that Jackson was doing well.

Jackson relaxed May 18 – May 21. He skipped Perlman and missed his last week of preschool. We wanted him to relax and recover because we left for vacation on May 22. In addition to all of our luggage, the wheelchair, Luca’s stroller, Jackson’s jogging stroller, Jackson’s special swim equipment, Josh’s golf clubs, the beach tent to keep Jackson in the shade, Jackson’s medicine, and Jackson’s beach chair, we also lugged an oxygen tank, nasal cannula, and oxygen compressor to the beach. It would have been impossible to bring all that equipment without a Uhaul. We outsourced most of the equipment to our family, who came on vacation with us.

We spent the last week of May on Edisto Island, South Carolina. I relaxed with long walks on the beach and lots of frozen drinks. Jackson and Luca had a great time. They were showered with attention from both sets of grandparents, aunts, great aunts, and everyone else who came with us.

June was quiet, especially compared to May. We’re hoping July goes smoothly too. However, we have another big day coming up on July 7. Jackson is having surgery! Jackson has five cavities and the only way to fill them is to put him under. His testicles never descended, so we’re having that surgery done at the same time. We’re a little nervous because he’s never had surgery before. We will keep you posted and all prayers are appreciated.

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4 responses to “Crazy May

  1. I’ll keep all your family in my prayers. I’m glad you had a great vacation. I hope Jackson’s surgeries go smoothly.

  2. Prayers are coming your way. You guys are soooo strong! Jackson is also a strong little boy. God bless

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