The person who invented the “cry it out” method did not have a child with epilepsy

The Bazooka is very intelligent but he is not old enough to comprehend the English language. He’s smart enough to know that if it’s 1, 2, 3, or 4 a.m. and he cries loud enough and long enough, I will go into his room and rock him back to sleep. He’s clever. He’ll  scream his head off until I pick him up and then he’s immediately fine. He prefers to fall asleep with his left hand touching my face.

We’ve talked to the pediatrician, nurse, and fellow parents. Everyone agrees: we need to let him cry it out.

This is great advice for a traditional family, but not so great if you have a child who may have a seizure when he wakes up. We rock Luca to sleep in the middle of the night and pray that he doesn’t wake up Jackson. Side note: as a full-time working mother, I look at the middle-of-the-night-rock-the-Bazooka-to-sleep as getting to spend a little more time with my baby.

What I’m basically trying to tell you is I’m tired and if you’re going to Starbucks, I’ll have a skinny vanilla latte. Keep the coffee coming.


j  IMG_0475


2 responses to “The person who invented the “cry it out” method did not have a child with epilepsy

  1. Adorable pictures. I surely recognize first picture! I can hardly wait to see all of you in May. Aunt Jane

  2. What cute pics – parenthood is all about sleepless nights, but I never let my girls cry it out and they turned out great. You have a very special reason to comfort Luca so Jackson doesn’t wake up so I hope as Luca gets older, he will have calmer nights, which they usually do. My best to you always.

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