Yay for ear infections!

Yay for ear infections! No, I’m not a bad mom; I just have a non-verbal child. Jackson was sick over the Christmas holiday. He woke up at 4:00 am on Christmas Eve with a 103.5 fever. The pediatrician diagnosed Jackson with a virus and told us the fever should go away in a few days. I was happy to hear it was just a virus and not the flu.

We have a protocol when Jackson is under the weather, which includes the following:

  • Extra pillow under his head in bed to keep him propped up
  • Naps in the jogging stroller instead of the mat to keep him propped up
  • Humidifier at night
  • Vicks Vapor Rub, Pedialite, and Advil
  • Try to get him to not puke his anti-seizure meds

One of our main goals is to get him to keep his meds down. Jackson pukes more than the average kid, especially when he’s sick. So, we are extremely careful during medicine time if he’s not feeling well. Another goal is to make him comfortable. When you have a fever you get chills until the fever breaks and then you start sweating. Jackson can’t tell us if he’s hot or cold so we have to guess and dress him according to how he feels to the touch.

A few days after Christmas we thought he was getting better when he spiked a 103 fever and started crying out in pain. I’ve never seen him so miserable. I thought we were going to end up at the ER. Jackson is a very easy-going, happy child. He has a high pain tolerance. When he’s upset, we know that something is definitely wrong. The hardest part is figuring out what it is.

Josh and I took him to the doctor the next morning. The doctor examined him and gave a sign of relief when she looked in his ear, saw that it was red, and told us he had an ear infection. Josh and I started celebrating the fact that the pediatrician was able to diagnose him and that his condition was treatable.

I can’t explain the frustration and fear I experience as a parent when my child is sick, can’t tell me what’s wrong, and can’t point to what hurts. I never thought I’d be excited to learn my kid has an ear infection. However, I did a happy dance upon hearing that Jackson had an ear infection and not something more serious.

I’m sorry we haven’t posted more recently but we have a little baby who likes to keep us up in the middle of the night, making us very tired. We find bed much more tempting than things like blogging, TV, and reading. We’re going to try to post more because we have a lot to catch you up on like preschool, Jackson’s new iPad, and his peep show activity center (I’ll explain later).

Just in case you didn’t see this on Facebook, my dad would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

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Hat.Both Hat.Luca Hat.Jax


One response to “Yay for ear infections!

  1. Thanks for sharing. Babies and sick children take priority over everything in one’s life so don’t sweat not blogging of late. Wish you the best in the new year.

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