The Bazooka Gets Baptized

The Bazooka aka Luca aka the Bazook was baptized a few weeks ago at Sacred Heart Church. The baptism went well and was pretty much uneventful. I’m not a bad mom for calling my son’s baptism uneventful because I’m comparing it to Jackson’s.

Jackson was baptized about one month after he was diagnosed. Talk about a tear-jerker. He was diagnosed on April 11, 2012, a date I will always remember. Josh and I had to go to baptism class the Monday after he was diagnosed. My mom watched Jackson during the class and she was scared something bad would happen to him during her watch. It was a particularly scary time for us because we had just learned that his jerks were actually small seizures and we didn’t quite know how to cope with this new information.

Josh and I went to the baptism class and sat with two other couples with typical kids. No one knew that our world was just shattered and we couldn’t get through the day without crying because we had just learned our only child at the time would never walk or talk. It was a particularly tough time for us to be around typical kids, especially babies Jackson’s age. However, we suffered through the class and my mom made it through her babysitting duty.

Immediately after being diagnosed, Jackson started taking a specialty drug called Sabril. It’s a specialty (i.e. expensive) drug because it only comes from the specialty pharmacy, which magically FedExes monthly shipments to our house. Sabril is so special (i.e. expensive) that Children’s Hospital can’t even dispense it.

Jackson’s spasms were still present after a few weeks so his neurologist prescribed a second anti-seizure medicine, Keppra, which he started a few days before his baptism. I believe the addition of Keppra days before his baptism led to a total Jackson meltdown on his baptism day. He didn’t nap at all and cried… and cried… and cried. In fact, we were all crying (not just the Italians) during the baptism. It was a tough ceremony because his diagnosis was so fresh and uncertain that we had no idea what the future would hold.

So, when I write that Luca’s baptism was uneventful, I mean that we had a great day. It was a bright and sunny. Luca miraculously did not cry during Mass. And, like all good Italian-American families, we ended with a party in our basement. 🙂

IMG_0126 IMG_0127 IMG_0128 IMG_0129   IMG_0132 IMG_0130IMG_0131

I never knew how much I liked nicknames until I had children. As a baby, I called Jackson Monkey or Munchu Picchu. He now has several nicknames, including, but not limited to, Smackson, the Jage, J, JJ, McGurkle, and Burglestein or Burglestein Bean. Luca is Luca the Bazooka or the Bazook courtesy of Frank the Tank’s dad. If you’re reading this and you have a nickname for your child, partner, animal, car, etc., I would love it if you would share it in a comment.


7 responses to “The Bazooka Gets Baptized

  1. I’m glad Luca’s Baptism was a great day for you. The pictures are great! And, you all have really come a long way since Jackson’s Baptism day.

  2. Oh, and here are my nicknames for the dogs:
    Molly is Moops, Moopy (this has also become an adjective meaning sad or depressed, as in “she’s acting pretty moopy today”), Moopster, Moggy, Lady Bug, and Little Lady Dog.
    Jake is Buddy, Bud-Bud, and Love-Bug.
    I love nicknames too. : )

  3. My wife’s grandma loved desert. So everytime we went to her house she always had at least a pie or a cake baked. So one of my kids began calling her Grandma Two Cakes and it stuck. Blessings to you and your family in the coming new year.

  4. Loved reading your comments about both your boys baptisms and enjoyed all the pictures you shared. We often called our older daughter Rabinowitz – don’t know why. When she was real little we would call her this and people actually came up to us and asked if she was Russian. Our younger daughter was Beppers – go figure.

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