Jackson is 3!

Jackson turns 3 today! On his birthday I like to reflect on the events of the past year. He was a fox for Halloween. “What does the fox say?”


He went to many, many doctor’s appoinments, which my girlfriend jokingly calls the “ology” appointments: neurology, urology, ophthamology, and physical medicine and rehabilitation. Jackson had countless hours of PT, OT, speech, aqua therapy, music therapy, and Help Me Grow therapy. Thank you to all of Jackson’s grandparents and Barb for making all of the therapy possible.

He met new friends. IMG-20131215-00027  IMG-20140714-00151

He got a big boy bedroom and was in the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade.

Bedroom  IMG_4533

Jackson graduated from the Early Intervention class at the Perlman Center to the Toddler Class.

He started to look more like his dad.  IMG-20140507-00078

Jackson got a big brother. IMG-20140908-00213  IMG958466

He had a bad seizure in August, which led to a prescription for diastat. We haven’t had to use it and we hope we never do.

Jackson is working on using his hands and arms to support himself in a tripod position. IMG-20140609-00095

He started turning in clockwise circles! IMG-20140916-00223IMG-20140916-00219IMG-20140916-00220IMG-20140916-00221IMG-20140916-00222

He had one trip to the ER about two weeks ago, which is a story for another day.

And *gasp* we registered him for pre-school! He starts next week!

It’s been an exciting year with lots of ups and downs, more ups than downs. I’m looking forward to what this next year will bring.


3 responses to “Jackson is 3!

  1. Jackson is growing in all ways. We are so thankful for him. You are great parents and grandparents–as well as friends to help with the care and growth of Jackson. Love to all. Aunt Jane

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