Re-entering the Workforce

I’ve traded ponytails, yoga pants, and sports bras for makeup, high heels, and blouses. I feel like a new woman. I went back to work last week after spending 12 weeks with my two little guys. Maternity leave was great although somewhat stressful. It’s true what they say–it’s hard to go from one child to two. We have a high maintenance, cry baby and a low-key toddler, who both need constant care.

Did I mention the baby cried a lot while I was home? Luca would generally stop crying if I put him in the Moby Wrap, so we Moby Wrapped for 12 weeks.


I carried Luca around Children’s Hospital in the Moby Wrap. We went twice a week for Jackson’s therapy. Now that we have the baby, we always think about transportation because wherever we go, the wheelchair goes too. The wheelchair comes apart into two pieces and fits nicely in my trunk (insert Josh’s “junk in the trunk” commentary). But, I cannot fit the wheelchair and the baby stroller in my car at the same time, which is why I love the Moby Wrap. I can push Jackson in the wheelchair and carry Luca in the Moby Wrap and the three of us can get out of the house like this. There’s many more things to think about when your older child can’t walk or sit up, transportation being one of them.

The biggest stressor while on leave was seizures. After we brought the baby home, our cat started throwing up all the time and we saw an increase in Jackson’s seizures. The increase in seizures could have been due to many factors: change in environment (i.e. the new baby), he’s growing, he’s developing and making new connections in his brain. We think it was mainly the change in environment. Did I mention the baby cried a lot and Jackson doesn’t like crying? For a few weeks Jackson had some seizures upon waking up from naps. Stressful! However, right before I went back to work, things calmed down and Jackson seems back to normal. He’s smiling and laughing a lot; and, knock on wood, his seizures have gone away. Baby Luca is crying less and smiling more. Both Jackson and the cat seem to have gotten used to the baby…or realize he’s here to stay.

Last month we went to City Flea, where I picked up a baby blue ukulele. Jackson, Luca and I have music time. I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, the ABC song, and Baa Baa Blacksheep. Jackson likes the ukulele more than Luca. Sometimes Luca starts to cry, but I know it’s just because he’s fussy and it’s definitely not my beginner playing.



0719141801a IMG-20140801-00173 Jax and luca


4 responses to “Re-entering the Workforce

  1. You are a champ Santina! I did not know about the seizures, that must have been stressful. I am glad that things are going back to normal. In time your boys will love watching each other grow up and the crying will subside. There is nothing I enjoy more than watching my kids laugh and smile at each other. 🙂 Love you.

    • It’s crazy. The baby has started staring at Jackson. I can’t wait until they interact. We can tell that Jackson knows his little brother is around. I think they’re starting to like each other.

  2. You are doing a good job in balancing both boys and their needs. I am sure each day is a challenge. But you will make it!

    Hang tough. Love you much. Aunt Jane

  3. You are so funny, does it seem strange,that the changes happened when you went to work hummmm I wonder !!!!! Love you guys !!

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