Dad, 2.0

Eleven days ago we welcomed James Luca into this world.  He arrived with far less drama than his brother, a welcome divergence from the emergency c-section of Jackson.  But the minor respite his type of delivery provided is now gone, as we find ourselves immersed in the wonderful world of diapers and crying and nursing and crying and short-sleep stints and crying.  And its great.  You haven’t known tiredness until you have a two-week old, one in a wheelchair, and a forty-five hour work week.  Thank goodness for family…and a lawn service.

Seeing Luca grow each day has already been a great joy and will continue to be so.  However, it is filled with small reminders of Jackson’s disabilities, making each milestone Luca hits both exciting and heartbreaking.  We are very sensitive to developmental queues and have already noticed Luca doing things Jackson can’t.  Directly after birth, aka fresh out the box, Luca grabbed a small tube on the weighing table.  He is also very active with his hands (watch out ladies), always bringing them to his mouth or putting them on his bottle.  He can roll slightly and hold his head up briefly.  These are standard things that most human beings take for granted and fully master within the first few months after birth.  But not all.  Because of this, each new development, while appearing insignificant to some, will be truly ground breaking to us.

I look forward to this new phase, expecting it to be just as fulling as the last.  I think that is the best word to describe parenthood – fulfilling.  There are other phases of life that are more fun, like being in your late twenties with at least a couple dollars and few responsibilities, or more formative, such as the college years.  But parenting two little ones, special needs or no,  is very fulfilling.  Rightfully or not, you just feel you are a better man for doing so.   I think Billy Joel said as much when he said, ” A man ain’t just being macho.  It’s about changing diapers and administering seizure medications too” or something like that.  I can’t recall the exact line.

Without further blathering, here are lots of pictures.




3 responses to “Dad, 2.0

  1. What adorable pictures! Everyone looks great and are enjoying all the activities of both boys. Great. Keep us posted. Love you, Aunt Jane

  2. Josh,
    Two sons that look like you!!!How lucky can you get? Now we need a little girl for santina!!!!!!

  3. Beautiful. Not a lot more that I can say besides that. You and Santina are amazing parents.

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