New Arrival

We had a big week last week. A new member of the family officially came into our lives making Jackson a big brother. James Luca Vanzant was born on June 18, 2014 and weighed in at 7 lbs. 8 oz.

I was a little nervous before the arrival.


But everything went fine.

IMG_20140618_101113297  IMG_4778


IMG_4776  IMG_4796 IMG_4756  IMG-20140619-00099

Jackson got to meet his little brother.


We were able to go home on Saturday. Below is Luca’s first car ride.


Jackson had a stay-cation in Florence, KY last week, which kept him very busy. He made red velvet cupcakes, chilled out, attended Vacation Bible School to hear music, and went to the swimming pool.

IMG958657  IMG955760  10500490_805346086142900_8206712116318956576_n[1]

We’re back home now, adjusting to becoming a family of four. Jackson doesn’t quite know what to think of his little brother.  Only time will tell what that relationship holds.  Right now, it seems to be a contest to stay awake and have bowel movements at opposite times of the day.  Hopefully it will blossom into something more, but who know with two boys.  Stay tuned…


9 responses to “New Arrival

  1. We are SO glad to see this little guy. We love all of you and trust all of you are doing well. Aunt Jane

  2. Congratulations and many many blessings on the new arrival and the rest of the family. Tears are in my eyes!

  3. Looks like you all will be busy for the next few years. The pics are precious. so glad you shared them. Congratulations !!! Elaine

  4. Thanks for writing an update. God bless ALL of you and your new baby. Jackson is getting bigger by the day, he looks tall. I wish you love and peace and a wonderful bonding for everyone.

  5. Yippee Santina and Familia!!! I was at the country music fest the 15th with baby Lucas on my mind especially when Luke Bryan was on stage!! I knew the time was getting close! Ahhh life is good!

  6. Congrats to all, now the fun begins…
    Thanks for sharing the photos, the boys are besutiful. love to grandma & grandpa

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