Baby Steps

I get asked a lot if Jackson is making progress. The answer is always yes. The progress he makes is slow and steady. It comes about from repetition. We’re so excited for the recent steps he’s made.

Jackson is talking more than he ever has. He’s making lots of different, open-mouth sounds:

He’s also learning how to play with certain toys. In the video below Jackson is in the stander and intentionally hitting his spinning wheel. We love it when he makes intentional movements to play with toys.

We’re very proud parents and we love to brag!


2 responses to “Baby Steps

  1. Thanks for the “new” pictures. We love to see the changes.. He is surely the “big” brother. Adorable. Thanks for sharing. Aunt Jane

  2. Hey he is starting to looking like a big brother!! Adorable, thanks for keeping me in the loop. Elaine

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