Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

Our social butterfly came out for the Cincinnati Reds Opening Day Parade (I call him a social butterfly because it seems like he has more appointments and is out and about more than anyone I know). The Italian Society has had a float in the Opening Day Parade for the past few years. My parents and my aunt participate in the Italian Society float every year and they wanted to take Jackson this year. Here’s some photos from Monday.

Decked out in Reds gear and ready to go.


My dad attaching a nine foot flag pole to Jackson’s wheelchair. Yes, it really is nine feet long. Go big or go home 🙂


All smiles at the beginning of the day.


The Italian Society float/truck.


The Parade starts at Findlay Market, winds its way throughout downtown, past Fountain Square and ends at the Taft Theater. Below are more Parade pictures, with one of my favorites with Jackson and the somewhat scary-looking “Misled Cincinnati”, whom I just found out is also a huge Bengals fan. Jackson had a great time, but was ready for a nap by the time he hit the Taft Theater. Josh and I and his IBM (Italian-by-Marriage) grandparents were able to meet up with the Italians for the last few blocks of the Parade.

IMG_4490 IMG_4492

IMG_4507 IMG_4510

IMG_4512 IMG_4515

IMG_4520 IMG_4522

IMG_4533 IMG_4538

IMG_4545 IMG_4555

IMG_4573 IMG_4575


3 responses to “Cincinnati Reds Opening Day

  1. What great pictures – You had a wonderful day to celebrate the Reds and being outside.

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