Routine Greatness

I used to be an active participant in the world of blogging, until I discovered this giant screen in our house called an LCD TV that had many compelling displays, like the Kardashians, Sharknado, and Dance Moms. However, after being reprimanded by both my wife and Michelle our therapist, I am shunning the world of reality-garbage-greatness this evening and taking to the interwebs once more.

The real reason that I haven’t posted in quite some time is that things are going so well. Jackson is doing great and we have all settled into our daily routine. The repetition of the chores of life makes it very easy to lose perspective and take things for granted. Only the things that just a few months ago would have seemed extraordinary are the ones that get your attention now. For you Reds fans, this is similar to evaluating Joey Votto’s performance last season. He hit 300 and lead the league in On Base %, but because the bar was set high, it generally felt unsatisfying. Only a truly outstanding performance would impress the fans. And such is now the case with Jackson. His everyday performance is extraordinary, but it has become the standard and we now seem to expect it. This situation of routine greatness is undeniably fantastic, although it does reduce the content that seems worthy of blogging about. But, again, more time for Sharknado.

With that being said, here are some of the things Jackson has been working on and steadily improving. He now tolerates his stander much more that he used to. The stander is a piece of medical equipment that looks rather intricate and possibly suited for a torture dungeon or something. Jackson used to feel the same way, only staying in it for 10-20 minutes before melting down like the Denver Broncos. Now, he is in it for 40-50 minutes a day, strengthening his legs and hips. He is also eating food much more, giving hope to someday weening him off of Pediasure and onto a more solid food diet. This also would be a financial windfall for the family, as I believe we have directly caused Abbot Laboratories 45% stock appreciation the last two years. You’re welcome, shareholders. Jackson also experienced some snow sledding today. He sat on my lap and we were pulled down a gentle grade by grandpa. If you told me two years ago that we would do something like this, I would have thought you an idiot or crazy or both. But these are the things that now part of our life, things we did not expect just a short time ago.

It feels good to write about all of the positive steps Jackson is taking. Maybe we will see some actual steps one day…maybe. This sentiment makes me think of something our friend Liz said right when Jackson was diagnosed — that people’s perception of what will make them happy or sad is way, way different than what actually does. People think that getting a little bit more money would make everything better. But then they actually get it and it doesn’t. People think that being a paraplegic would be horrible, or that having a special needs child would be awful. But then when you speak to a paraplegic or special needs parent, they are as happy as the next person, if not more. I now know how true this is. I look back at the time when Jackson was diagnosed and remember how dire things looked, how bleak the future was going to be. But today, my son went sledding and it barely registered that it was amazing. Life can be pretty great sometimes.


5 responses to “Routine Greatness

  1. How could you leave off Bachelor?!? So glad to see how well Jackson is doing. Also very nice to see how Homer Simpson is doing on Bourbon St…. We miss yall and can’t wait to see you!

  2. Great to hear about Jackson’s continued progress. That stupid LCD screen sucks the productivity out of life at this house too, not that we have any plans of ever giving it up. Thanks for the update.
    The DiMennas

  3. So good to hear from you. We love keeping up with the steps that Jackson makes and how LOVED he is. He is indeed a fortunate guy. Love you guys. Aunt Jane & George

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