Baby Steps

Sorry that it’s been so long since we’ve posted. I, personally, have been extremely busy. My life has been consumed with reading paranormal romance novels! Thank you Randi Sue and Debbie. Once I get sucked in, I can’t stop! My main problem is my Kindle. If I finish a book in a series, I just download the next book and start reading again. Consequently, no blog posts.

I could talk all day about paranormal romance novels, but I don’t think you want to here about that. Let’s get to Jackson. I’m happy to report that Jackson’s doing really well. At his two year check up in October, his weight was flat. He hadn’t gained weight since the summer. We were told he need to gain at least 8 ounces by his neurology check up in four weeks. Team Jackson went to work after hearing the news. Instead of feeding him 4-5 ounces of Pediasure at every feeding, we started feeding him 6 ounces. We also started giving him more food. Jackson’s main food source is Pediasure. He also eats table food, but it has to be blended into a baby food-like texture (i.e. mashed potatoes and gravy, pudding, yogurt, soup). By his neurology check up, he had gained over one pound!!! We were ecstatic.

Another major update is he’s starting to take baby steps!

Jackson’s therapists put him in a harness, which is attached to a track in the ceiling and keeps him upright with his feet touching the floor. When he’s in the harness, he has on his scuba suit, or Benik Vest. Because Jackson has low muscle tone, he can’t sit up on his own. The Benik Vest provides additional trunk support when he’s upright. It also happens to be made out of scuba suit material, hence “the scuba suit”. While in the harness, Jackson usually just stands there, but recently he’s starting putting one foot in front of the other like he’s walking!!!

It might not seem like much to you, but it’s a really big deal to us.  They are small, assisted steps physically, but are giant leaps in Jackson’s progress.  Neil Armstrong would agree.


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