Progress. It’s slow, but it’s happening.


Jackson’s starting to put his hands on his bottle. I have to help him get his hands there. But once he feels it, his fingers open up and he rests his hands on his bottle when I’m feeding him. Every little thing he does is so precious and special. I can’t express how happy I get when I see his hands holding his bottle. The progress is slow, but it’s happening.


8 responses to “Progress

  1. happy for the progress. Here in Italy, Jackson’s picture still in the church of San Giuseppe. Specia prayersforhim.

    • Hi Anna,
      We are so grateful for the prayers from Italy. Hope you are having a wonderful trip. Love Cindy

  2. Hey you guy, what great news, We are still praying for you all. Seems that it is starting to work. Love, Aunt Elaine

  3. I love those precious little hands. It warms my heart to see him do that. I have to agree with Aunt Jane, his mama is gorgeous!

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