The Reds + The Bachlorette = Normalcy, Finally

Tonight I find myself flipping back and forth between the Bachelorette and the Reds game while Santina finishes feeding Jackson and can’t help but think — finally.  I need my Bachelorette fix.  That, and the fact that things are getting back to a normal level of stress around here.

June sucked.  Jackson had a string of maladies that kept him sick for pretty much the entire month.  First, he had a fever and was puking a little.  We were able to defeat that after a few days.  Then, he contracted an ear infection.  That too was able to be controlled after a few days.  At this point, we thought he was on his way back.  Wrong.  Very wrong.  Jackson then had a stretch of about a week where he couldn’t keep anything down.  He lost two or three pounds and re-inforced our decision to not get new, nice couches.  Cleaning up vomit fives times a day will do that.  After we went to the hospital and got some medication, we were able to avoid this.  We also got some allergy medicine around the same time.  This had the wonderful effect of causing insomnia.  Jackson slept three or fours hours in a four day stretch.  Santina and I slept slightly more, but not much.  We reduced the allergy medicine and got little man to sleep finally.  After that, the worst episode came upon us.  Jackson was so backed up he didn’t go for almost a week and needed a lot of help.  It was horrible.  After a canister of vasoline, pints of mirolax, gallons of prune juice, and a pile of latex gloves, we were able to clean him out…with help from Barb.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I would trade incontinence for the puking and insomnia any day .  To add to our Book of Job, our basement flooded at the same time.  Six inches of rainwater and, yes, sewer water will make your day when you come home.  Oh, and we were completing a full renovation of our kitchen as well.

But now Jackson is happy, healthy, and full of smiles, able to eat, sleep, poop with the greatest of ease.  Our basement is dry and clean.  Our kitchen is done.  We are back to our day-to-day routine, now able to relax and watch some TV.  Now back to the Bachelorette.


3 responses to “The Reds + The Bachlorette = Normalcy, Finally

  1. It’s so great to see our little guy back to his normal self… and your kitchen looks great! Good bachelorette episode last night, can’t wait to see how it ends … no spoiler reports Josh!

  2. Complain, complain, think you had a bad month, I had a hang nail. How is that? Trying to put a bit of levity into your unbelievable month. You two are the greatest parents, seem to roll with the punches. Hope to see you in September and thanks again for attending the picnic. Love, Aunt Elaine

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