24 Hour Energy

We’ve had a rough few weeks, but we’re doing much, much better. In the past three weeks, we’ve been to the pediatrician three times and the Emergency Room once; we’ve made countless calls to the doctor and the neurologist and we made several trips to the pharmacy to pick up five new medications. Needless to say, this was the sickest Jackson has ever been.

The fever was the first obstacle. The fever lasted five days, went over 102 degrees and was accompanied by an ear infection. We breathed a sigh of relief when the fever broke only to get stressed two days later when the uncontrolled vomiting started, which led to a trip to the ER on a Saturday night. We were only there two hours and went home with anti-nausea meds. We didn’t call our family until we left because we knew/hoped we wouldn’t be in the ER long and we didn’t want them to worry too much. The vomiting took about a week to get under control. Then we started worrying about his appetite, dehydration and pneumonia, which led to the third pediatrician appointment and a diagnosis of thrush (caused by the antibiotics for the ear infection) and allergies.

Jackson was prescribed Claritin for the allergies. The Claritin cleared up the drainage in his throat but led to the “24 hour energy”. Five hour energy is insufficient to describe the lack of sleep. He didn’t sleep on Thursday or Friday night. We refused to give him the Claritin yesterday and he slept like a baby. Today’s new worry, or you might even call it today’s hope, is Number 2. We’re hoping for a:

Jackson’s been very cranky and the only thing to make him feel better is a good:

It feels like we went to pharmacy school and we’re working our way through med school with the amount of knowledge we’ve gained in the past three weeks. We’re starting to get back to our normal and hoping that the next few weeks are happy and uneventful.


5 responses to “24 Hour Energy

  1. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. It’s hard on everyone when no one gets sleep. I hope Jackson continues to get better each day.

  2. We are thinking of you, hard trying to go on NO SLEEP. Sending thoughts, prayers and love your way. Hoping he gets to feeling better and stronger each day forward.

  3. Hi Santina,

    Similac, Pedialyte and store brands make a pediatric drink with fiber. Jude has experienced the wonders of the fiber himself and it was definitely explosive. Good luck!

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