We’re a handicap family?

I didn’t know we were a handicap family until a prescription for a vehicle handicap sticker arrived in the mail. It never crossed my mind that we are a handicap family. We’re strong. We workout…occasionally. I assumed if we went to Kings Island and had to park two miles away, we’d push Jackson the two miles to the park entrance. So it was weird when the handicap prescription arrived at our house.

However, I realized the sticker’s value when I was with Jackson in the parking lot on the corner of Vine and E. 12th Street in Over the Rhine and the only space available was the handicap spot. I then forgot about the sticker until I was in the Kroger parking lot and the only close open space was the handicap spot. I keep thinking, “Is it a good reason to use the handicap sticker because it’s the only place to park?”

I’m struggling with the fact that we have a handicap sticker. I’m not sure if we should use it because Josh and I are strong and capable and we can push him or carry him where he needs to go. What if we take the handicap spot and someone who really needs it has to park far away?

In addition to my contemplation of the handicap sticker, I’m constantly thinking about things I never thought I’d have to think about. For example, and don’t judge: Will I have to go to church every Sunday after Jackson gets the wheelchair? I will be easily recognizable if I start taking Jackson to church in the wheelchair. So, people will know when I’m not there.

It’s weird to be in our situation and it’s odd to think about all these things we’ve never thought about before. Still, the strangeness of our situation fades with each passing day.

Jackson Mather day 5-12-2013 016

Jackson Mather day 5-12-2013 011


8 responses to “We’re a handicap family?

  1. It shows what kind of person you are that you are more concerned about others with disabilities than yourselves. That said, with all the other feelings you have about this, guilt is one you are entitled to throw out. That includes feeling guilty if someone notices you weren’t at church, which they likely won’t, or may think you attended another mass, or like us you had the super valid excuse of wanting to sleep in because you got lucky enough to have a sitter and drank too much the night before :). BTW, Jackson looks pretty handsome in blue.

  2. All I can say is I love Jackson’s glasses. And, don’t feel guilty about using the parking space on occasion, if you feel the need. I’m sure you will use it wisely. It was great seeing you and Josh last month.

  3. Love the pictures. Don’t worry what others think. You cannot control that. Stay positive and continue to be the wonderful family you are. By the way Jackson is such a cutie. Love the glasses. Alex

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  4. You guys are amazing thinking about other people, oh my gosh, if only the whole world would be so thoughtful! I wanted to tell you, I love the shades. Jackson is soooo Cool! The pics are nice too. Have a great day. God’s blessing to all of you.

  5. You should park in handicapped because there is more space between spaces so it is easier to get in and out of your car. Since Jackson is still small it is probably easy enough in any parking space but as he gets bigger you will appreciate the extra space.

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  6. We can hardly wait to see all of you. Love the glasses!
    You are too unselfish thinking about where to park, etc.
    See you soon. Love, Aunt Jane

  7. Jackson’s glasses are so cute. We love you and I am sure that you are over thinking. You will know when to use the parking sticker and when you just want the exercise. I am sure that it will all work out, and wasn’t it nice that they just sent the sticker without you having to ask for it.

  8. Don’t feel guilty about the handicap spots. As Jackson gets older, these spaces will be very precious to your busy lifestyles. As far as church goes, I feel the same guilt you are feeling, too. But God knows we’re on his side!

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