Whine and cheese party

It’s been a bit of a stressful week. Within the past few days we’ve gotten a stander…

Jackson stander

…and glasses.


I know, I know, Jackson is the cutest kid in the world (except for your kid, of course), but two major developments in one week are a little hard to process.


Don’t get me wrong, we love the stander. It allows Jackson to stand up and bear weight on his legs. We’ve used it everyday since we’ve had it. However, I started crying the first time I saw him in it because it shows how tall he’d be if he were able to walk. Because he can’t walk or stand, he’s long. If he were able to walk he’d be tall. The stander is also the first piece of medical equipment we’ve had in the house. And, even though the glasses are cute, we’d prefer that he not need them.

Side note: Our stander is pink because it’s on loan from the Perlman Center. If our insurance company approves a stander, then we’ll get our own in a few months. Families involved in the Perlman Center donate outgrown medical equipment to the Perlman Center, allowing the Center to loan it out to families in need or who are waiting for insurance approval for their own equipment.

Okay, enough with the pity party. Overall, we are very thankful to get and use anything that will help Jackson. I just needed a moment to whine. As for the cheese, if you know my family, you know we’re always cheesy.


6 responses to “Whine and cheese party

  1. Hi just to say I am so impressed with Jackson’s progress. He looks cute in pink but especially looks handsome in his glasses. Looks just great in the stander. Happy Easter to all.

  2. The progress has been fantastic. He is a handsome little angel! You have come a long way! Hang in there!
    Happy Easter to all of you. Buona Pasqua.

  3. I was also bummed when Mason got glasses. It was a physical sign that my kid was not “perfect” when in my eyes, he is perfection. 🙂 I know you feel this way, since we talked about it before. Everybody thinks that kids in glasses are so cute, though! It makes them look so studious. Jackson does look really tall. I hope I get to meet him in May when we come down for the Cinci marathon!

  4. We keep praying for Jackson to continue to get stronger. This stander is adorable with him in/on it. It’s great! He is a cutie. Josh can’t deny him – Jackson looks like Josh. Happy Easter. Love you. Aunt Jane & George

  5. He is adorable and will always be our “little man”! And, I think Elton John would love his pink stander and cool specks.

  6. He really is adorable, Santina. I love the pictures, and I appreciate you sharing your journey.

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