Time to Monkey Around

I went to a Moms of Multiples rummage sale this weekend in search of new toys for Jackson. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I knew that I’d know it when I saw it. My most exciting purchase was balls!!! Lots and lots of balls!

(insert joke here)



Jackson gets in a ball pit occasionally during therapy and he loves it. I’ve been looking for balls for months and was so excited to get a garbage bag full for $8.00. I’d be an extreme couponer if I didn’t work. So, I’m always looking for a good deal.

My other exciting purchase was monkeys! Lots and lots of monkeys!!! I think the monkeys will be easy for him to see (bright, solid colors = good for CVI kids). They’re very soft to touch. Jackson loves touching soft materials.




I also purchased a Geico gecko…


And hand rattles. I hope if Jackson’s hands rattle when he moves them, it’ll help him realize he has hands and want to use them more.


The rummage sale was a success. I got a lot of great deals.I hope Jackson likes his toys as much as I do!


3 responses to “Time to Monkey Around

  1. Your shopping looks great. I can’t believe how much Jackson has grown. What a cutie. His expressions are priceless. I love the picture of him in the container with all the balls. What a blast. Love you. Aunt Jane

  2. Was this at the church right by my house? I see the signs occasionally but haven’t ventured into one of the sales yet. Next time let me know if you want an extra shopping buddy. Jackson sure looks cute with all his new goodies :).

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