The Bottle Condom

A few months ago, Jackson’s therapists suggested we make bright, solid colored coverings for his bottles. Due to his cortical visual impairment, he doesn’t see as well as we do. The coverings are to help him focus on his bottles and hopefully help him use his arms and hands to want to grab or touch them. We recently got around to asking the family tailor (i.e. my dad) to make the coverings and, voila, the bottle condom was born.

Bottle and cover

Bottle condom

You can thank my comedic husband for naming this red sheath the “bottle condom,” which is quite a fitting name.

As an update from the prior post, Jackson is doing much, much better. He’s over his cold and he’s back to his normal self. He’s smiling a lot and everyone’s stress level has gone back to normal.


One response to “The Bottle Condom

  1. What a great idea, finally the condom served a good purpose! (ha ha). Prayers are always with you. What a special child!

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