Being a Parent is Stressful!

Yes, I know, we haven’t kept up with our blog lately. We’ve had a tough two weeks.

Jackson was a tiny baby (5 lbs, 11 oz). The car seat swallowed him up at first. He wasn't a fan as you can tell by the picture.

On February 9, Jackson started vomiting, running a fever and getting clogged with mucus. Not pleasant. It’s hard when a little kid gets flem in their throat and snot in their nose because you can’t tell them to blow or cough it out.


Jackson had his first absences at Perlman. He had perfect attendance until last week.We took him to the doctor because pneumonia is the devil! And we want it to stay far, far away. The doctor told us it was just a head cold and his lungs were clear (yay!). Jackson slept most of the first week and appeared to be getting better until Sunday night when Mr. Fusspants-I’m-Inconsolable-And-I-Won’t-Stop-Crying-When-My-Parents-Are-Home came out.

He stopped taking naps, he wasn’t smiling and he became absolutely inconsolable in the evenings. Josh and I were beside ourselves with worry. We took him to the pediatrician, who couldn’t find anything wrong, which just increased our worry and began the train of horrible thoughts: Is it his brain? Is it the epilepsy? Should we take him to the ER? Can anyone fix it? Etc.

The stress was almost unbearable until we got a hold of neurology.

Now you’re thinking, “What could it be? What’s wrong with Jackson?”

The answer is so simple it’s hard to believe it caused us so much grief: Jackson is exhibiting typical behavior of a child getting over a sickness; he’s out of sorts, forgot how to calm himself down and should be back to normal soon.

We’ve seen improvement in him the past two days, with this evening being the best. He didn’t cry when we picked him up. He cracked a smile. Jackson became a little fussy earlier but he’s sleeping peacefully now.

I didn’t realize until I had a child of my own that being a parent is stressful! I didn’t realize until Jackson’s diagnosis that being a first-time parent to a special needs kid is especially stressful! This experience has made me appreciate my well-mannered, jovial little munchkin and I hope to have him back soon.


3 responses to “Being a Parent is Stressful!

  1. Yes, we have missed your blog but we know how busy you are. We surely do appreciate the updates. As you know we pray each morning for all three of you and know how stressed you might be. We just know that Jackson is one fortunate child to have such caring parents.

    I, too, can’t get rid of mucus. Ask Jim about how I can hardly stand to hear anyone get rid of it – ha. Love you much. Aunt Jane & George

  2. Hope Jackson is feeling better. He wanted to be like the rest of the people out there with flu’s and colds etc., seriously, glad he is getting better. My mother would always say: You don’t understand until you become a mother yourself. Guess she was right, being a parent is stressful but worth it. Hang in there, give it all you have. Best wishes always to all of you.
    Anna Bonavita

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