Disabilities in the News

My constant thoughts of the wheelchair led me to think about the exposure of people with disabilities in our society. For example, except for Corky on the TV series Life Goes On, I can’t think of any TV show with an actor with a disability. It helps me to see other people and how they cope with their disabilities, which is why I want to share three recent examples of people with disabilities in the news:

Sarah Herron on the Bachelor

Sarah Herron

Sarah Herron was on this season’s Bachelor (she was kicked off last night). Sarah was born with one arm and was the first person on the Bachelor to have one arm. She has an enormous amount of courage and confidence to go on the Bachelor. I loved watching her on the Bachelor because she had the guts to go on the show and compete with women with no disabilities.

Conner & Cayden, Sports Illustraded’s 2012 SportsKid of the Year

Warning: The video below is a tear jerker.

Cincinnati Reel Abilities

On my way to work today, I heard Q102 talk about a Cincinnati film festival featuring films about people with disabilities. Cincinnati Reel Abilities will be held at various theaters throughout the city from March 9 – March 16. The proceeds benefit local non-profits like Hamilton County Department of Disabilities Services and The Greater Cincinnati Downs Syndrome Association. I don’t know much about this event, but I’m intrigued and happy that our community is supporting people with disabilities. I hope to get to see at least one film.

I’d like to see our society highlight more people with disabilities, but, for now, I’m content with the three examples above.



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