My Son & I are the Same…Everyday

One of my more prominent personality traits is an evenness, a consistently calm demeanor.  You could say that I have one mood – fine.  This causes me to be a) boring b) a good juxtaposition to my wife and her italian-estrogen-driven moodiness c) somewhat in control of the emotional rollercoaster that is the life of a special-needs parent or d) some combination of the above.

Jackson, due to his lissencephaly…or maybe my genome donations, also seems to be the same everyday.  He is happy and healthy, excited to see his parents each morning and evening.  He does not cry, rarely whines, and sleeps through the night…everynight.  And while all of this seems desirable to any parent, his sameness is also his disability.  He can do basically the same today as he did yesterday, which is the same as the day before that.  We will work and fight to get one day, one week of development out of Jackson.  We will celebrate the successes that we have with that, however small they maybe.  So we live with the knowledge that Jackson will always be the Jackson we know today…the perpetually happy Jackson.

Jackson Head Up


4 responses to “My Son & I are the Same…Everyday

  1. Interesting perspective. I’ve been feeling the same way lately, it’s almost as though you were writing about my son. My dad says that we get to enjoy each moment longer than everyone else but sometimes it’s hard to see it that way. Thanks for sharing.

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