Parent Conferences

In August, before classes started, Jackson had an evaluation with each of his therapists. During the initial evaluations, we talked about where he was developmentally and created goals for Jackson. Last week we had parent conferences, where we went over all of the inital goals and discussed his progress. He’s met some of his goals, he’s working on others and he’s got a few new goals. Below are a few goals he’s met:

  • Speech: He’s aware of people speaking to him and he’ll look toward the speaker most of the time.
  • OT: Jackson tolerates sitting in positional equipment. For example, in September, he hated to sit up. He now likes to sit up and will sit in a supported chair for longer periods of time.
  • PT: Jackson tolerates stretching. We’re still working on his tolerance of standers and gait trainers.

Before the parent conferences, Josh and I came to the realization that it’s time to start discussing… the wheelchair.


Other than seizures, flu season and pneumonia, which are always on my mind, the wheelchair is the thing I’ve been dreading most the past few months. Even though I know the wheelchair will be good for him because it provides great support, it’s hard to think about. As I said in an earlier post, it’s easy to take him out in the stroller. He looks normal and no one can tell he’s different. With the wheelchair, everyone will know that Jackson is special.

My feelings aside, we took the first step to ordering a wheelchair at the parent conferences, which is we told Jackson’s physical therapist we wanted to schedule an equipment evaluation. Within the next few weeks, we’ll go to an equipment evaluation at the Perlman Center, where we’ll meet with a physical therapist and an equipment salesman. They’ll recommend a wheelchair to us and then submit the paperwork to the insurance company for approval and funding. I’ve been told this process takes a minimum of a few months, which I guess is good because it gives me time to get used to the wheelchair before it actually arrives.

Overall, parent conferences were great. Any parent will tell you it’s awesome to hear good things about your child. I’ll get over my negative feelings towards the wheelchair, especially after we get it and I see how supportive it is for Jackson. It’s like the Facts of Life, “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life.”


5 responses to “Parent Conferences

  1. Sounds like Jackson is improving. Those prayers do help. The wheelchair is not so bad, I believe it will help everyone in the long run. Hang in there, never give up.

  2. I am happy to learn of Jackson’s success with his goals. He is a good looking boy. Andrea and I are thinking about you.

  3. It is life affirming when you know that Jackson has made strides in development and there are more possibilities down the road when everything looked so bleak at the beginning. Every milestone reached affirms your worth as parents because you have committed your time and life to make sure he has all there is out there to help him reach the milestones. In addition to your love he has your commitment to him.

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