Starting the New Year Off Rightish

A day or two before New Year’s, Jackson got a bit of a cold.  Now, for most children, this would be a fairly benign event.  You would be confident that you could provide them some readily-available medication and the cold would subside in a few days.  And while this thankfully did happen, for Jackson and all children with lissencephaly, even the common cold brings with it a sense of sheer terror.  Due to his condition, Jackson will always have a more difficult time fighting viruses and infections.  They have the very real possibility of lingering and morphing into the flu or pneumonia.  And pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children of lissencephaly.  So, every time that Jackson becomes even slightly ill, the house is on red alert and the stress is at maximum levels.  These are the situations where many turn to alcohol or religion or, in this case, Bootsy Collins.  After seeing Jackson back to health, Santina and I enjoyed the evening at Turfway Racetrack, enjoying libations, old friends, and Cincinnati-funk (my term, but something Bootsy should consider adopting).Bootsy

We also started Green Bean Delivery in the new year.  This is a service that delivers local and organic produce to your doorstep.  It is for those that want to eat healthy, try something new, or pay someone to do their shopping while they sit on their bum and watch the NBA.  I got this for Santina as a Christmas gift, because if I know anything, it’s that women like vegetables as Christmas gifts.  But seriously, it is actually a hit, maybe even more so than the diamond bracelet from last year.  Good luck getting another one of those, babe.  I see an endless stream of spinach gifts. GBD

We also recently took Jackson to his periodic check-up at the pediatrician.  It went fantastic.  He is growing at the appropriate rate, improving his strength, and up-to-date on all his medications.  Dr. Z even asked if he was going to get another MRI.  He is doing so well, when compared to his prognosis, that it may be enlightening.

On a down note, we say goodbye to the Bengals after an early playoff exit.  Our guy Andy Dalton stunk up the joint…but he is still our guy.


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