Jackson’s Christmas Gifts

We had a great Christmas. We got to spend lots of time with both of our families. A few days before Christmas, my mom, aunt and I made Italian Christmas cookies with my grandma’s recipes.

Group cookie photo

Jackson wore his orange monkey outfit. One of his nicknames is monkey, which is what makes the outfit even cuter.

JJ Monkey outfit

Christmas morning, Jackson opened gifts from his aunts. His Aunt Erica gave him this adorable outfit:

outfit 2

Then he opend this present from his Aunt Heather:


Hehehe… three of the same outfit! Great minds think alike!

Below are some of the other gifts he received.

A six foot wide parachute. Jackson lays under it, we hold it above him and wave it up and down. He likes it. He can easily see the bright, solid colors and he makes noises like, “ohhh” and “mmmmmm” when he’s under the parachute. If you’re ever at our house, get ready to play parachute. It works best with four people holding and waving it.


He also received a teddy bear and lots of clothes including the hat and gloves in the picture below. The teddy bear rocks because he uses his hands to feel it.

bear and hat

He got a Bass Pro Hide and Seek Teddy Bear. The Bear plays hide and seek and talks. Jackson likes the bear’s voice.

Bass pro bear

Bass pro bear 2

Jackson also received a Magic Bullet so we can blend food for him and a Leap Frog Magic School Bus. The school bus makes noise when you touch it. It’s good for Jackson because it’s very easy to hit the buttons. Christmas was a success with lots of family time and many wonderful gifts.


3 responses to “Jackson’s Christmas Gifts

  1. Jackson is so darn cute! He is doing amazing things – and you all are amazing as well! Love the monkey outfit story!

  2. Jackson is a “monkey” of a kid. 3 monkey suits? He is well clothed! Lucky little boy. Adorable. Aunt Jane

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