Starring on the News

This week was a big social week.  In addition to the Dalton Foundation event, Jackson was invited to meet “Sensitive Santa.”  No, this was not a Santa who wanted to watch romantic comedies and ask you how you really feel about this or that.  This Santa was a trained physical therapist who accomodated special needs children and the various issues that they may have with a normal (insensitive?) Santa.  We were invited to the event by Help Me Grow.  While I don’t think that Jackson really needed a special environment, it was still a very nice event.  It was held at a therapy center that had equipment and toys for children of all ages.

A nice plus to the evening was the attendance of a news crew from Local 12.  They filmed the children in both the therapy center and on Santa’s lap.  They even got a few quotes from willing parents.  Jackson, being a photogenic as he is, was of course featured in the piece.  He is shown in the video below at 1:24 and 0:38.  They also did not have many parents give quotes apparently, as yours truly is shown at the end mentioning how touching the whole thing was.  Sensitive Dad, I guess.

Link To Video:


3 responses to “Starring on the News

  1. Love this (and this whole blog!)! You both are such wonderful parents and Jackson is such a beautiful, I’m sorry, I mean handsome, little boy!!! Merry Christmas Vanzant Family!!!

  2. How neat – Tell Josh he is very photogenic along with Jackson. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! Love, Donna

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