Andy Dalton Delivers…Holiday Cheer

This past week, Jackson, Santina, and I had the opportunity to meet Cincinnati Bengals’ quarterback Andy Dalton.  We were invited to an event put on by the Andy & Jordan Dalton Foundation.  The mission of the Dalton’s foundation is to provide support to special needs children and their families.  To this end, I can attest that the foundation is incredibly successful and generous.

We were invited to attend the event by our social worker and jumped at the opportunity.  Santina relishes any chance to brush with celebrity.  We headed over to the Walmart in Alexandria not knowing what to expect really.  We wound our way through a couple aisles and then had a few seconds for a photo shot, some signed memorobilia, and a few kind words from the Daltons.  Then we were given a gift card and provided a large turkey and all of the side items for a turkey dinner.

It was one of the most meaningful things that I have ever received.  Not because of the giveaways or the photo opp with a local celebrity, but because of the caring.  Santina and I have never been the receipient of personal charity; we don’t qualify for any of the needs-based programs out there.  We get unbelieveable help from our family, but this was from complete strangers.  It was someone acknowledging that we deal with a lot, that we have stresses and responsibilities that no one should burden alone.  In fact, instead of Santina being star-struck as I had expected, she was teary-eyed when we met the Daltons.  It was just very nice.

So move over AJ Green and Gino Atkins, Andy Dalton is the new top Bengal in our household.  Go out and support the Red Rifle.  He is a quality quarterback and even better person.  Who Dey!

Daddy and Jackson Who Dey The Red Rifle The Red Rifle 2 Santa and Jackson


4 responses to “Andy Dalton Delivers…Holiday Cheer

  1. What adorable pictures! Jackson is very photogenic. So is his mommy and daddy. There are a lot of caring people in this world and I am thankful that you are able to know some of them and receive additional support from outsiders. As we pray each day we pray for additional stamina for you as you care for the needs of Jackson. You are amazing. Blessings.

  2. Jackson looking good in his Bengal attire. What a wonderful experience for all of you. Andy Dalton way better than Chad! Dad and I are very proud of you and Santina. Love, Mom and Dad

  3. HI YOU ALL, Can not believe how big baby Jackson is now. I still call him baby to distinguish him from our Jackson. I copied his pics to put on Cy’s wall. Thanks, for the update. Elaine

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