Jackson finally recognizes his Italian heritage

J.J. birth day 016

I never would have believed anyone had they told me I would have a sandy-haired, blue eyed kid. I would have responded, “You must be mistaken. My child will have dark brown hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion.” I’ll give you the sandy hair, but blue eyes?!? Italians don’t have blue eyes (but they are beautiful blue eyes). I know he’s mine because I carried him for nine months and he literally came out of my body. Other than that, he does not resemble his mommy.

So, you can imagine my delight when we discovered Jackson Lorenzo’s love of Italian food. It happened last Thursday. We mashed up one gnocchi with tomato sauce. He ate all of it. He loved it. The best part… he actually chewed it!!!

We’re working on feeding. Feeding generally consists of getting the baby food into his mouth and hoping that he swallows it. We were so excited to see him chew that we filmed it. This is a big deal.


6 responses to “Jackson finally recognizes his Italian heritage

  1. Some of us have a special gene for blue eyes that turn brown or hazel at the age of 2! Maybe Jackson’s will change.

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