Jackson’s World

We thought we’d show you a little of Jackson’s world. We took pictures of some of his favorite items and other things that have become staples in our life.

This is his mat. It’s a piece of thick foam from Joann Fabric with a crib sheet over it. The mat lies in the living room between the TV and the coffee table. My dad thought of the mat. It’s perfect for playtime and naps. We do a lot on the mat. It’s big enough for Jackson and an adult to lay on or for Jackson and two adults to sit on.

This is Jackson on his mat surrounded by homemade rice bags, which help with positioning. They also help keep his arms and legs more centered. It’s an important developmental step to come to center, which we never realized until his diagnosis.

The blue thing is an elastic strap we put around his legs for a few minutes a day. Due to his low muscle tone, his legs flop out in an unnatural way. The elastic strap helps hold his legs together.

Jackson is batting at a musical toy from Help Me Grow. The toy makes music when the metal beaded strands hit the metal bar (at the top of the photo). This is a great cause and effect toy.

Jackson is on his homemade wedge. Wedges are used in therapy for many things. Our wedge is a piece of plywood under a thick piece of foam with fabric stapled over it. The bottom of the wedge has velcro strips that velcro to swimming pool noodles cut to size. The picture shows us working on head holding.

Jackson can entertain himself in his playland. We modified it with help from the Cincy Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired to make it easy for him to bat at objects with his hands. We hung green and blue beads and a blue lei. The keyboard in the background makes music when he kicks it. We love to watch him bat at the hanging toys and kick his feet on the keys.

As we’ve said in other posts, the big red button is a switch. It makes noise when you press the button. Jackson is GREAT at hitting the switch with his hands and feet. This is another cause and effect toy.

We got him a bean bag chair, suggested by another family with a lissencephaly child. Because he can’t sit up on his own yet, the bean bag chair is a good alternative to the mat and the high chair.

Jackson’s Nonno (grandpa) made him this swing. He can’t be in a normal swing because he can’t sit up on his own yet. My dad took an old car seat, attached rope to it and hooked it to the ceiling. Voila, Jackson’s swing. He LOVES to swing and he’ll fit in this for the next few years. Swimming pool noodles are on either side of him to provide additional support.

We hung a red lei above the changing table at the suggestion of the Cincy Association for the Blind. It helps his vision because it gives him something to look at when we change his diaper. It’s also easy for him to see because he’s familiar with it.

To help with his vision, we dangle bright, solid-colored pompoms in front of him. It’s easiest for him to see bright, solid-colored objects. Side note: our cat loves the pompoms. But we have to hide the pompoms from the cat due to an unfortunate incident where we had to pull a blue pompom strand from his behind. It was unpleasant for all involved.

Jackson gets baths in his infant bathtub. I’m not sure what we’re going to do when he outgrows it. He LOVES bath time.

I wrapped red and blue wrapping paper around some of the bars of his crib. Because he sees bright, solid-colored objects best, I thought I’d give him something to look at while in his crib. I might jazz it up with some sparkly wrapping paper.

These are some of the things we use regularly with our little guy.


4 responses to “Jackson’s World

  1. Thanks for the picture display of a day with Jackson! What a cutie. He is surely growing and I see difference in his activity each time you send pictures! He is fortunate to have such caring parents and grandparents! We love you and pray for you daily. Jane & George

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