Date Night With The Aunts

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Most every Thursday, Jackson’s two aunts / my two sisters come over for what we affectionately call “Date Night.”  What goes into this date night?  Popcorn and movies?  Walks and sunsets?  No, its more centered around vomit-inducing workouts and toddler physical therapy.

Usually, Erica and I will workout first, with me torturing her with whatever latest P90X or Insanity workout that I am on at the time.  Then we switch places with Heather and Santina, who take to the basement gym (immediately eliminate any visions of a nice home gym – it is a shag carpet thrown over linoleum tile with an old TV) and do their own workout.  Erica loves it when I make her do some uber aggressive workout and then Heather & Santina do yoga. Erica and I then turn our attention to watching Jackson and making dinner.  It is the one night I try to make something interesting, often with an ethnic theme.  There have been successes and failures, but overall the fare has gotten high marks.  After dinner, we put Jackson through his therapy regiment – everyone must workout apparently.

I have to admit, I look forward to Date Night every week.  Maybe because my social life is lacking (it is), but I don’t think that is the main reason.  It is great to see my family support Jackson, want to see him frequently, and stay involved in his life and mine.


2 responses to “Date Night With The Aunts

  1. This aunt wishes she were close enough to participate in “Date Night”. I have such wonderful nieces and nephews that I would like to see more often.

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