Arrr, Matey. Captain Jackson and the Eye Patch

Due to his lissencephaly, Jackson doesn’t process what he sees very well, a condition known as Cortical Vision Impairment (CVI).  We work with him on various vision exercises, using simple toys with limited colors.  We recently found out that his right eye is much stronger than his left eye.  As such, we patch the right eye one hour a day, to force Jackson to use his weaker left eye.  We are seeing some progress with this, as his left eye is drifting less while the right is patched.  Jackson doesn’t mind it too much.  We like to call him Captain Jack(son) while he has it on…arrr, matey.

We also use the services provided by the Cincinnati Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired. We are grateful for these services, as they are free and conveniently come to your home.  CABVI provides toys that are easy for Captain Jackson to see and focus on.  They even provide simple books with simple colors and shapes that we read to Jackson.

This is another great example of the things you have to be ready to deal with when you have a child with a serious neurologic condition.  While Jackson doesn’t mind the patch and it is only an hour a day, it can seem like we struggle to get ahead of things.  The helmet is over, but the patch arrives.  It is cliched, but one day at a time, I guess.

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3 responses to “Arrr, Matey. Captain Jackson and the Eye Patch

  1. I couldn’t get over how much hair Jackson has. He is an adorable guy. Thanks for the update. Aunt Jane

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