Support Jackson and Mental Health Care

All of you Hamilton County, Ohio residents out there – may sure to get out and vote Yes on Issue 51.  A Yes vote on this issue would go towards continuing the current mental health service level in the county.  It is merely an continuation of the current levy; it will not raise anyone’s tax rates.  These services support adults with mental illness and children with disabilities through counseling, treatment, and job placement when appropriate.  There are currently no known groups opposing the levy.  When mentally ill adults get the treatment they need, the world is safer; when special needs children get the attention they deserve, the world is better.

Jackson receives in-home treatment about twice a month from the county through one of these programs.  We are extremely happy with the attention he is getting and the help we are receiving.  A case worker comes to our home and teaches us various therapy techniques and provides special toys and equipment.  For some patients, this is the only personalized attention they regularly receive.

So, to summarize, it won’t raise your taxes, it will make the community safer, and it will help my son.  Vote Yes on Issue 51, unless you’re some big jerk or something.


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