Done With The Helmet

For the last six months or so, Jackson has been wearing a helmet.  This helmet was designed to shape his head, making it less flat in back and preventing it from protruding over his ears.  Due to his lissencephaly, Jackson is not as mobile as other children and therefore tends to lie around more.  This caused his still-forming head to be rather flat in back, a condition known as plagiocephaly.  One of the pictures here shows the flatness, although I believe this is even after some helmet wearing time.  The helmet was very successful in preventing the protrusion of the head on the side and moderately successful in rounding out the back.

As of this week though, Jackson is done with the helmet.  Children’s skull plates become less malleable after the age of one, making the helmet less effective.  And, really, we were ready to be done with it anyway.  He didn’t mind it (he rarely fusses at anything, helmet included), but its time had come.  Of course, we jazzed the helmet up with some Reds stickers, giving Jackson more of a Jay Bruce/Joey Votto look (but definitely NOT a Drew Stubbs look).  So, like the Reds, the helmet is over and we bid it farewell.


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